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About Us

We are a small family business. Since 2000 we have been offering classic cotton baby nappies throughout the Czech and Slovak markets. We have been very much striving to offer first-class, eco-friendly and innovative products. Since then we have built a distribution network and we successfully compete with the Czech manufactures of these traditional products.

2005 Our offering is expanding by introducing new patterns of cotton nappies in different variations and with a different weight. We begin to regularly attend international trade shows STYL/KABO. Our products acquire a Czech Quality zone award.

2006 We begin to collaborate with the Kantor´s creative club studio which works for important multinationals in the area of a package design. We establish KIKKO brand which is registered in the Czech Republic; we begin to offer our products in new attractive packaging under this brand. KIKKO is presented for the first time at international trade shows.

2007 Newly branded and newly packaged products are experiencing a huge increase in sales. We begin to develop new products. At the end of this year we can offer cotton nappies with a higher weight than usual in our markets - KIKKO LUX and KIKKO LUX ECO which fill the gap in the market and are extremely successful. We present new products at international trade shows.

2008 We launch a new product – muslin square nappies made of a mixture of a bamboo viscose and cotton with a significant weigh, extreme softness and great absorbance. These nappies, branded KIKKO BMB, flow into the Czech and Slovak markets. First we offer these in the size of 70x70 in 3 pastel colours. We successfully present new nappies at international textile trade shows. We became official exclusive distributor of Sock Ons brand for central and East Europe.

2009 The KIKKO BMB range is expanded by nappies in a non-bleached version, KIKKO BMB towels of the size of 90x100 with a higher weight and KIKKO BMB softer tissues 30x30. We launch a new range of KIKKO ECO products. As a flagship we launch a set of KIKKO ECO children’s toys and chew toys, made of biopolymer the basis of which is a corn starch. Sales of this revolutionary novelty rocket in the Czech market. DM Drogeriemarkt includes these products as well as the KIKKO BMB bamboo range into their eco-friendly drugstores. We present our brand-new products for the first time at the largest European trade show Kind und Jugend in Koln, Germany.

2010 DM Drogeriemarkt includes our KIKKO BMB bamboo nappies into their eco-friendly drugstores in Slovakia. We finalise development and first production of new KIKKO ECO children’s dishes. The dishes are again made of the eco-friendly biopolymer the base of which is a corn starch. The dishes are decorated with pictures created especially for us by a designer Vendula Hegerová. Of course, we use eco-friendly paints.

2011 We start to work with a producer of disposable eco-friendly recyclable baby nappies. We sign an exclusive contract about the distribution of these and separating nappies made of INGEO eco-friendly biopolymer for Europe. Under the KIKKO ECO brand we start to distribute them in the Czech Republic. We also launch new prints of the cotton square nappies created by the designer Vendula Hegerová.  Eco-friendly disposal nappies KIKKO ECO and a range of bamboo nappies, towels and tissues of the KIKKO BMB brand are successfully presented by us at the largest European trade show Kind und Jugend in Koln, Germany. The products are hugely popular; as the KIKKO brand is registered only in the Czech Republic and to register it in other countries would be hard, we decide to expand into the European markets by rebranding the original brand. We register the European XKKO brand and decide to maintain the successful original visuals of the brand as well as the individual product ranges. We gradually introduce new packaging, launch our Internet whole and retail sale on  and commence to distribute our goods to all EU countries.


KIKKO CZ s.r.o.
Štěpaňákova 6, 719 00 Ostrava-Kunčice
Czech republic
FAX.: 00420 596 123 527

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