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Bussines conditions

Terms of Trade

1. Preliminary Provisions

1. These terms of trade shall only apply to purchases within the internet retail shop The internet wholesale shop is operated by KIKKO CZ s.r.o., the terms define and specify the rights and obligations of the seller (provider) and purchaser (customer).

2. When and how will I receive the goods?

After the confirmation of the order by email, the order is valid and registered by us. We dispatch the goods and hand it over to the carrier, DPD, immediately after receiving the payment for the goods on our account.  If we are not able to fulfill the order within a reasonable period of time, we will contact you.  You will receive a parcel at the address chosen by you, within one to six days after dispatch.

4. Transportation

European Union
For transportation, we standardly use DPD.  Upon agreement, you can pick the goods up in person or by way of a transport company selected by you.
If your order is less than 150,00 EUR not including VAT (for retailing orders) or 1000,00 EUR for wholesale orders, we will be forced to charge you the costs of transportation in an amount from EUR 5.99 to EUR 27.60 EUR depending on the country of delivery.

5. Order and Entering into a Purchase Contract



1. All orders submitted by way of the internet wholesale shop are binding. By submitting an order, the purchaser confirms that the purchaser has become acquainted with these terms of trade including the terms of warranty claims and that the customer agrees to the same.
2. An order is an offer for a purchase contract. A purchase contract is created as of the receipt of the ordered goods by the purchaser.
3. A condition of the validity of an electronic order is filling out all information and requirements prescribed in the forms.
4. The place of delivery of the goods is the address specified by the purchaser in the registration form.
5. The ownership right to the goods passes to the purchaser, provided that the purchase price has been paid, as of its receipt.
6. By filling out the registration form or binding order within the internet wholesale shop , the purchaser gives the seller consent to collect and store personal date pertaining to the purchaser and the purchaser’s purchases.
7. We declare that all goods offered within the internet  shop originates in warehouses of the official importer and distributor of the XKKO brand for Europe.
8. The prices set out in the pricelist are final.
The seller reserves the right to refuse to handle an order if the order information is incomplete, or if it causes doubts regarding the real intentions of the customer to order the goods. The seller shall send a notification of such refusal to the customer’s email address.

6. Withdrawal from the Purchase Contract (Return of Goods)

The purchaser shall have the right, according to paragraph 6 of the amendment to the Civil Code No. 367/2000 to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of taking receipt of the goods. Should the customer decide to do so, the customer must send the undamaged goods, without signs of use or wear and tear, in the original packaging, back within the said deadline (the sending date being decisive). After the receipt of the returned goods, the seller shall return the corresponding amount back to the customer forthwith in a manner as agreed upon in advance. The purchaser cannot withdraw from the purchase contract according to paragraph 7 in the case of a delivery of goods modified according to the wishes of the consumer or for the consumer’s person, as well as perishable goods or goods that are subject to quick wear and tear or quickly becoming obsolete.

7. Final Provisions

1. These terms of trade shall apply in the wording as set out on the seller’s internet pages, on the sending date of the electronic order by the purchaser.
2. By sending an electronic order, the purchaser unconditionally accepts all of the provisions of the terms of trade in the wording valid on the sending date of the order, as well as the price of the ordered goods valid on the sending date of the order, including the delivery charge or postage stated in the catalog of internet wholesale shop, unless proven to have been agreed otherwise in a specific case. A sent order is irrevocably binding upon the purchaser.
3. The customer can cancel an order without the consent of the seller within a maximum of 24 hours of ordering, or thereafter if the delivery deadline confirmed in writing is exceeded by the supplier. In other cases, an agreement with the seller is necessary.
4. The parties have expressly agreed, within the meaning of the provisions of Art. 262(1) of the Commercial Code, that unless expressly stated otherwise within the terms, their rights and obligations shall be governed by the Commercial Code, primarily including the provisions of its Art. 409 et seq.
Warranty Claims
Any warranty claims will be handled in accordance with the terms for warranty claims and the laws valid in the Czech Republic.  Goods may be claimed on warranty with the provider according to the terms of warranty claims at the address  or at the stated telephone numbers.

The purchase has an obligation to inspect the goods without undue delay upon receipt of the goods and to inform the seller immediately of any ascertained defects.

The purchaser must make a notification of ascertained defects in writing at . The notification must include a description of what defects have been found and how they present themselves.

Attachments to the warranty claim must include a copy of the invoice and proof of delivery and payment of the goods whose defects are being claimed.

The seller undertakes to inform the customer no later than within five days of receiving the warranty claim of how it is being handled.Further, if the purchaser is sending defective goods to the seller under a warranty claim, it is necessary for the purchaser to send it in a complete manner as it received it from the seller, i.e. in the original packaging, or in packaging of a corresponding quality, and including all parts of the delivery. The carrier is not liable for poorly packed parcels. The manufacturer usually does not acknowledge the warranty in the case of goods damaged in the course of transport even if a defect showed up prior to transport. Warranty claims for defects caused by the transport of the goods in insufficient packaging will not be taken into consideration.

The seller does not assume liability for damage arising from the operation of products, functional characteristics and damage from the inexpert use of products, as well as damage caused by external events and improper handling. The provided warranty shall not apply to defects of such an origin either. The warranty period commences as of the date of the receipt of the goods by the purchaser.

In no case should you send us goods claimed under warranty on a cash-on-delivery basis. Goods returned in such way will not be accepted and in doing so you therefore extend the time for settlement.

Protection of Personal Data

The provider declares that all data of a personal nature (name, surname, telephone numbers, email address and mailing address) are confidential, will only be used for the internal purposes of KIKKO CZ s.r.o. and will not be made public, provided to any third party or misused in any way. Personal information is collected for commercial, logistical, statistical and marketing purposes.

In handling personal data, KIKKO CZ s.r.o. undertakes to comply with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data. If a business case arises in which it is necessary to provide a customer’s personal information to a supplier, KIKKO CZ s.r.o. undertakes to only provide such information after the previous approval by the customer in question. Without consent, it is not possible to disclose any information of a personal nature.

By using the services of , the customer grants consent to the collection of personal data. When registering, the customer’s basic information is required, which is further supplemented when making an order. The customer has the right to request for the deletion of personal data from the database (cancellation of registration) in writing at

Access to the shop to registered customers and the option of making orders is protected with an access password that only the registered customer knows. Therefore, we ask that you please not allow such password to be freely accessible to other persons, so that it may not be misused with the subsequent misuse of your registration and your data. The provider shall not bear any liability for the misuse of an access password.


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