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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How do I find the terms of trade and prices designated for retailers in the internet shop?

Register as a regular end customer in our internet shop and then send us by email to the address a copy of a document on the registration of your company in your country, or a copy of a document on VAT registration. After checking your information, we will set wholesale prices for your registration for you in the eshop, which you will be able to start using immediately. As soon as the wholesale prices will be set for your company, we will send you a confirmation email.

When will I see the wholesale prices of your goods?

As soon as you receive the confirmation email stating that we have set wholesale terms for you, you can log on again and you will immediately see the wholesale prices for wholesale packages in the eshop. If you will also be interested in a wholesale pricelist to print out, request it by writing to

I am a VAT payer, what prices will you charge me. Including your VAT or without VAT.

For retailers who have a VAT registration in their home country pay prices without VAT, which will also be invoiced. In the course of making a purchase, you see the price of the goods without VAT, VAT and the price including VAT at rates that are valid in the Czech Republic. For all our goods it is 21%. However, if you are a VAT payer, only prices without VAT are relevant for you. Prices including VAT are valid for our end customers and retailers who do not have a VAT registration.

Are there any restrictions for a wholesale order?

Yes, the minimum wholesale order must reach a level of EUR 200,00 not including VAT.

How is transportation handled?

When sending your order, you have the option of choosing the means of transport. For transport within Europe, we use the company DPD. For orders up to EUR 1000.00 EUR, we charge for transport according to the price list of the DPD courier company. The price for transportation ranges, depending on the country of delivery, from EUR 5.99 to EUR 17.96. If your order exceeds EUR 1000.00, you will have transportation free of charge.

How should we pay for the goods?

After sending the order, an automatic confirmation will be sent to your email address. In it, you will find a list of the ordered goods and the wholesale prices including VAT. This automatic email serves only for your review. Within two business days, we will contact you and send you an invoice with instructions for a bank transfer. If you are registered as a VAT payer, the prices in the invoice will be without VAT. Pay the invoice by bank transfer to the account specified in the invoice.

How quickly will we get the goods?

We dispatch goods on the second day after receiving your payment on our account. The DPD courier company delivers goods throughout Europe within 1-6 days.
When receiving packages from the carrier, please check to make sure that the packages are not damaged. In the event that a package is damaged and some goods are missing, write up a claims form that the carrier has prepared for such cases directly with the carrier in the course of receipt.


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