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B Grade Bamboo Prefolded Diapers XKKO BMB - Newborn Natural 10pcs

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"A bamboo prefold nappy with four layers at the edges and eight layers in the middle. Touch the bamboo! "


The excellent properties of bamboo viscose are balanced by the need to follow specific rules when washing this fabric.

If you want to avoid considerable shrinkage of muslins or need to wash and dry at higher temperatures, we recommend our bleached or unbleached prefolds, or the same nappies made from organic cotton.

Are you looking for the most absorbent nappies? Place a booster or two into a folded nappy. This allows you to control the absorbency of the nappy system.

You will certainly need our biodegradable corn nappy liners – these help prevent the fabric nappy being soiled as much and extend its useful life.


This is the second quality.

The size of the product may vary by approx. + -5%.

The second quality is marked by the cutting of the label.


A bamboo prefold nappy with four layers at the edges and eight layers in the middle.


The nappies are made of bamboo&cotton twill.  This material is even more absorbent after multiple washings. The nappies obtain optimal absorbency after 4-8 washings.  



It is more important to follow certain rules for maintaining bamboo viscose fabric in comparison to other fabrics.

1. Viscose is very sensitive to high temperatures, do not wash these products at temperatures over 60 degrees.

2. Do not dry the muslins in a dryer. Do not spin at more than 800 revs/min.

3. After each wash remove the wet muslins from the washer and stretch them into their original size and shape


Your bamboo muslins will last a very long time if you follow these rules. You should also count on long-term shrinkage by approx. 10-15%.



Number of pieces in the packaging: 10 pcs





Newborn 29x30.5cm  - Yellow stitching for easier nappy size recognition


Infant 32x34cm  - Orange stitching for easier nappy size recognition


Regular 35,5x40.5cm  - Red stitching for easier nappy size recognition


Premium 38x46cm  - Green stitching for easier nappy size recognition




Composition: 70% viscose (bamboo viscose)/ 30% cotton


Weaving method: Twill


The nappies can be washed at up to 60°C



Wash the nappies before first use.


When washing, do not use a fabric softener, it reduces the absorbency of the product.


We recommend using standard detergents.  Soap and soap slime can greatly reduce the absorbency of the product and cause its damage as well as the damage to your washing machine.


If it is necessary, to prevent from change in shape and size, we recommend that you slightly pull the product to its original shape and dimensions after each washing.


Washing nappies may cause change in their size and shape (shrinkage or, possibly, extension) by +/-10%


Drying in the tumble dryer is not recommended. 



The nappies XKKO BMB  hold the certificates required by the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic No. 84/2001 Coll., specifying product requirements for children under 3 years of age.


The nappies XKKO BMB, moreover, underwent extraordinary tests and were awarded a quality brand called Czech Quality/Guaranteed Quality.



Tested by TZÚ s.p. Brno Czech republic, state owned textile testing company.






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