About the company


We founded our small family business in 2000, and we have been working successfully for 16 years in the Czech and Slovak markets. Since the foundation of the company, we have been offering classic cotton baby nappies and, over time, we have expanded our offer with other infant goods. With all products, we always place a great emphasis on quality, ecology and innovation. During 16 years of doing business in this sector, we have established a functional distribution network and compete successfully with traditional Czech manufacturers of these goods.



Our offer is constantly growing. We come up with new designs of cotton nappies, in different styles and weights. We begin to regularly participate in the international textile fairs STYL and KABO. Our company's products were awarded one of the Czech Quality Awards in 2005, namely the Quality Zone Award.



A year later, we began working with a design studio called Kantor's Creative Club, which also cooperates with major multinational companies in the field of packaging design. We create the KIKKO brand (it is registered in the Czech Republic) and we begin to gradually offer our products in new attractive packaging bearing this brand. The KIKKO brand is thus presented for the first time at international textile fairs.



Thanks to the new brand and new packaging, the products experience a huge surge in sales. So we're starting to work on developing new products. Already at the end of 2007, new cotton nappies, of a weight higher than usual in our markets, appeared - these are KIKKO LUX and KIKKO LUX ECO. These previously not enough available nappies fill the niche in the market and achieve immense success. New products are presented also this year at international textile fairs where they are favourably reviewed.



We come up with a novelty - muslin square nappies made of a mixture of bamboo viscose and cotton with a distinctive weight, extreme fineness and great absorbency. Nappies bearing the KIKKO BMB brand flood the Czech and Slovak markets. KIKKO BMB nappies are initially offered in the size of 70x70, in 3 pastel colours. Again, we take part in a wide range of presentations at both Czech and foreign fairs where we attain enormous success.



The line of KIKKO BMB bamboo nappies is expanded with unbleached nappies, bath towels KIKKO BMB 90x100 with a higher weight and finer wipes KIKKO BMB 30x30. We introduce a new range of KIKKO ECO products. As a flagship, a set of children's toys and teethers KIKKO ECO appears for the first time; they are made of a biopolymer based on corn starch. The revolutionary novelty makes a flying start on the Czech market; the sales are rising steeply. DM Drogerie markt, a network of organic chemists, also includes this new product in its portfolio, together with the line of KIKKO BMB bamboo nappies. We are presenting this new product for the first time at the biggest European fair Kind and Jugend in Cologne.



Our bamboo nappies KIKKO BMB are also included in the portfolio of the Slovak network of organic chemists - DM Drogerie markt. The development and production of the new KIKKO ECO baby dishes are completed. The dishes as well as our toys and teethers are made of an organic biopolymer based on corn starch. The baby dishes are printed with pictures created especially for us by the famous Czech artist Vendula Hegerová. The use of ecological paints for this product is a matter of course.



We also launch new prints of cotton square nappies in the market, which were once again created by Vendula Hegerová. We are presenting our complete portfolio at the biggest European fair Kind and Jugend in Cologne. The products are of great interest.  Given that the KIKKO brand is registered only in the Czech Republic and the registration in other countries would be difficult, we are deciding to expand to the European markets by rebranding the original brand. So we register the new European brand of XKKO and we decide to maintain the original successful visual appearance of the brand as well as the individual product lines. We gradually repackage the goods into new packaging with a new brand, start the internet wholesale and retail business www.xkko.eu and start distributing our goods to all countries of the European Union.



We come with the first collection of 120x120 bamboo muslin swaddles and bamboo bandanas. New bamboo collections are coming up during the year. We present our products at all major European B2B fairs of children's goods.



We are introducing our first bamboo terry blankets with hand print. We are introducing our first bamboo terry blankets with hand print.



We are introducing the XKKO Old Times collection of organic nappies - these are the highest weight nappies in Europe. We are the first company in the Czech Republic to be exhibited at the CBME (Children, Baby, Maternity Expo) in Shanghai, the biggest baby goods trade fair in Asia. We start selling goods in a network of exclusive Chinese boutiques and we get a distributor in Japan.



The XKKO Old Times collection is expanded with pastel colour nappies called Old Times Pastels. By the end of the year, we introduce bath towels from the Old Times collection. We are presenting new products again at all major world trade fairs, including CBME in Shanghai.



After the huge success of the XKKO Old times nappies, we are also preparing a collection of scarves from the same material. We are developing an incredibly fine bamboo material XKKO BMB Velour - one side of bamboo terry, the other one of finely cut velour. We are launching baby bath towels with hoods, napkins, washcloths, bra pads and towels and bath towels made of this material. In 2016 we also prepare and certify a new collection of socks and toys from our bamboo material XKKO BMB.