How to take care of nappies?


Wash the nappies before first use. The maximum absorption capacity of pant nappies will be achieved after 3 to 4 washings (with bamboo nappies after about 10 washings). When washing, do upon the Velcro of the pant nappies located on the edge of the nappy, so that dirt and other fibres would not get in.



Cotton nappies

Wash cotton nappies at 60°C. They can also be washed at 90°C, but this accelerates their wear.

Use detergents that are environmentally friendly and harmless to child's skin. Before the actual washing, turn on the separate rinse cycle. Then add other laundry and the detergent and wash as usual. If you are using a dryer, turn on the gentle drying program only. Again, the nappies get worn out more quickly in the dryer. Spin-dry the nappies at maximum 1000 rpm.

NEVER USE A FABRIC SOFTENER - it reduces the absorption capacity of nappies.

Store the nappies in a dry bucket for maximum 3 days. For easier handling, you can use a nappy net in the bucket. This is suitable for front-loading washing machines. Leave the open in the washing machine.



Bamboo nappies

Wash bamboo nappies at 40°C. Washing at higher temperatures could cause significant shrinkage of the material. We do not recommend drying bamboo nappies in a tumble dryer.


The use of separating nappies facilitates washing of cloth nappies.

The sun is the best disinfectant and bleach, so use it as much as possible.

The roughness of the nappies is increased by extremely hard water, drying on the radiator and in the hot sun.