Bamboo fibre is often referred to as a 21st century material. It is made based on regenerated cellulose. The basis for its production is raw bamboo, which is then processed in a similar chemical way as viscose. Due to its extremely fast growth - according to some sources many species are able to grow up to 1 m within 24 hours - bamboo is a rapidly renewable natural resource.

The plant itself contains a unique ingredient called bamboo kun that ensures its resistance to bacteria, thus allowing organic cultivation without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Materials containing bamboo fibre have many interesting and user-friendly features.

You will be surprised at the first contact with it, how delicate and pleasant this material is to the touch. Its softness can be likened to silk or cashmere. Bamboo fibre linen is also popular with people who appreciate the antibacterial and antistatic properties of fabrics.


In this, bamboo is unique.

The bamboo kun component remains in the bamboo fibre even after the plant is processed, and thus it prevents from bacterial growth and reduces formation of unpleasant body odours. According to some sources, the bamboo kun component can eliminate even 70% of unwanted bacteria. And this is what makes bamboo linen so incredibly comfortable. Thanks to this feature, this material is especially suited for people with more sensitive skin.

People who live actively and devote much energy and time to sports will also appreciate the pleasant thermoregulatory and absorbent properties of a bamboo fibre material. The surface structure of the fibre itself is divided into microspores, allowing up to 3 times better moisture removal from the skin than, for example, cotton. Moreover, this material does not dry the skin. Instead of excessive drying, it maintains a natural microclimate under the garment. In warmer seasons, the textiles are 2 to 3 degrees colder than cotton, hence they pleasantly cool your body.

And, conversely, if it is cold, organic cotton will keep you warm. These properties are comparable to synthetically produced fibres, from which the materials for functional sportswear are produced.

The material resists stress very well and retains its positive properties even after multiple washing. This contributes to its long service life.

A garment containing the bamboo kun component requires gentle handling. For optimum maintenance, it is recommended to wash the laundry from this material at a maximum temperature of 40°C. What, however, is not recommended is: ironing, bleaching, drying in a tumble dryer, or chemical cleaning. It causes unnecessary strain on the fabric and may result in damage.