Consider what you will buy


We can help you navigate your way through the wide offer of square nappies.

When deciding which nappy to choose, do not decide just according to the price, ask about more properties of the nappies.

Ask about the weight, since it gives you information about the thickness of the nappy or the bath towel, and also about the absorbency such a nappy or a bath towel will have. Some manufacturers prefer not declaring the weight of the nappies. But lower weight should be significantly cheaper.

Ask about the exact dimensions. In the Czech Republic, the dimensions of 70x70 and 80x80 are mostly used. If you use non-square nappies, you will have problems folding them.

If you have opted for organic cotton nappies, ask for certificates that prove that the cotton is really organic. Ask for GOTS Certificates.

If you think of using the nappies also for changing, we recommend choosing from cotton or organic cotton nappies. Cotton can be simply washed at higher temperatures that are required for changing. With the use of current washing powders, it is sufficient to wash at 60°C. Washing at higher temperatures damages any material and is unnecessary nowadays, except for the puerperium.

If you are going to use the nappies preferably as bath towels, a support under the baby's head, in the pram, after feeding, etc., we recommend a wide range of bamboo nappies, napkins and bath towels.  Bamboo is noticeably finer, softer and does not harden after washing at 40°C.