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Bamboo Socks XKKO BMB - Pastels For Boys

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Barcode: BMBSC0002Catalog number:: BMBSC0002


Product Name Price
Bamboo Socks XKKO BMB - Pastels For Boys 0-6m
Bamboo Socks XKKO BMB - Pastels For Boys 6-12m
Bamboo Socks XKKO BMB - Pastels For Boys 12-24m
Bamboo Socks XKKO BMB - Pastels For Boys 24-36m


"Soft bamboo socks XKKO BMB for children under 3 years of age.  Provide your kids with comfort and well-being that the superfine XKKO BMB socks bring."


Incredibly soft and delicate bamboo socks.


Bamboo Socks XKKO BMB are made of very fine, soft and absorbent material composed of 85% bamboo viscose, 10% polyester and 5% elastane.

Bamboo contains a unique ingredient called bamboo kun that ensures its resistance to bacteria, thus allowing organic cultivation without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. Materials containing bamboo fibre have many interesting and user-friendly features.

You will be surprised at the first contact with it, how delicate and pleasant this material is to the touch. Its softness can be likened to silk or cashmere.  Products with a high content of bamboo fibre are popular with mothers who appreciate their antibacterial and antistatic properties.




0-6   Months

6-12  Months

12-24 Months

24-36 Months



Box contains:

0-6     Months - 3 Pairs

6-12   Months - 3 Pairs

12-24 Months - 3 Pairs

24-36 Months - 2 Pairs



0-6 Months

6-12 Months

12-24 Months

24-36 Months


Composition: 85% Bamboo Viscose, 10% Polyester, 5% Spandex



Wash at 30° Celsius.

Wash before first use.

We do not recommend use of a spin-drier.

We recommend using standard detergents. Soap and soapy slime can significantly reduce the absorbency of the product and cause damage as well as damage to your machine.

To prevent change in shape and dimensions, recommended after each wash easily pull the product to its original shape and dimensions. 



The product has been certified according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health of the Czech republic  Decree No. 84/2001 Coll. for products for children of up to 3 years of age.

The product has been given the Česká kvalita/Zaručená kvalita (Czech Quality/Guaranteed Quality) mark.



Tested by TZÚ s.p. Brno Czech republic, state owned textile testing company.






Dimensions of the packaging

Weight Volume

Consumer packaging

2 or 3 pairs 13x8x3cm 42 gr. 0,000312m³

Wholesale packaging

5x 2 or 3 pairs 13x8x15cm 210 gr. 0,00156m³
Cardboard 200x 2 or 3 pairs 45x40x40cm 9700 gr. 0,072m³
0-6m  8-10cm 6-12m 10-12cm 12-24m 12-14cm  24-36m 14-16cm


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