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Organic cotton fitted diaper XKKO Organic - Natural Size L

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Barcode: 8594161576907Catalog number:: ORGFITDIAL
Brand: XKKO Organic



"XKKO Organic fitted diapers are made of wonderful 100% cotton prefold diaper fabric in fitted diaper shape with a built in flap style doubler."


You will need nappy covers and XKKO ECO biodegradable corn nappy liners to use with folded nappies. A waterproof changing mat and waterproof nappy bag will also certainly be useful for changing your baby anywhere.

Use nappy boosters when you need to increase the absorbency of the nappy system you are using – at night for example. You can use these with classic square nappies, folded nappies, or fitted nappies. You always need to use nappy covers with these nappy systems.


XKKO Organic fitted diapers are made of wonderful 100% cotton prefold diaper fabric in fitted diaper shape with a built in flap style doubler.



They have 8 layer flaps, which is age-appropriate layering. There is no better diapering fabric than the cotton prefold fabric. It washes so easily and wears so well. No polyester stink, no repelling, no special detergents are needed for 100% cotton diapers.


The snaps are covered by the cotton fabric inside so no snaps touch baby. The flap style doubler is sewn inside in the front only for quick drying.  This is an economy fitted with great low price and no confusing adjustments which create additional bumps and lumpy places. It's not fancy but it does the job really well at a great price.


Sized diapers fit better than "one-size-fits-all" diapers because young babies are little and older babies are bigger.


Consider baby's shape when choosing size. Wide, round "booty" shapes will need to size-up sooner than narrow, flat-bottom shapes, who will stay in a smaller size longer.



Aprox. sizes:


Size S   4-6,5kg

Size M   6,5-11kg

Size L    8,5-13,5kg


Note: This is a diaper. It requires a cover (sold separately)


Number of pieces in the packaging:  1 pcs



Size S   4-6,5kg

Size M   6,5-11kg

Size L    8,5-13,5kg


Material description: 100% Organic Cotton Twill ( GOTS certificated)


Weaving: Twill


The nappies can be washed at up to 95°C (the sufficient temperature for washing that does not accelerate their wear is 60°C)



Wash the nappies before first use.


When washing, do not use a fabric softener, it reduces the absorbency of the product.


We recommend using standard detergents.  Soap and soap slime can greatly reduce the absorbency of the product and cause its damage as well as the damage to your washing machine.


If it is necessary, to prevent from change in shape and size, we recommend that you slightly pull the product to its original shape and dimensions after each washing.


Washing nappies may cause change in their size and shape (shrinkage or, possibly, extension) by +/-10%


Drying in the tumble dryer is not recommended.



The product has been certified according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health of the Czech republic  Decree No. 84/2001 Coll. for products for children of up to 3 years of age.

The product has been given the Česká kvalita/Zaručená kvalita (Czech Quality/Guaranteed Quality) mark.



Tested by TZÚ s.p. Brno Czech republic, state owned textile testing company.





  Quantity Packaging dimensions Weight Volume

Consumer packaging

1ps 26x20x5cm 170 gr. 0,0026m³

Wholesale packaging

5x1ps 26x20x25cm 850 gr. 0,013m³
Carton 60x1ps 43x32x47cm 11700 gr. 0,0647m³


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