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  • Bamboo muslins XKKO BMB 70x70 - Silver 3pcs
  • Bamboo muslins XKKO BMB 70x70 - Silver 3pcs

Bamboo muslins XKKO BMB 70x70 - Silver 3pcs

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Barcode: 8594161573227Catalog number:: BMB070025




"Fine and soft as panda's fur. This is what the XKKO BMB nappy, whose story begins with bamboo, is like. XKKO BMB Bamboo nappies provide softness, fineness and absorbency that you and your baby will no longer want to give up. „


An extremely fine nappy made of bamboo viscose and cotton, woven the hollow braid method.

The hollow braid, in conjunction with the material used, guarantees exceptional fineness and absorbency. The nappy XKKO BMB 70x70 also has a significantly higher weight compared to the classic cotton nappy (183g/m2 vs. 120g/m2), and yet it feels light as a feather.

XKKO BMB nappies are hygienic, do not cause an allergic reaction; additionally, bamboo viscose is antibacterial.

Number of pieces in the packaging: 3 pcs

Composition: 70% viscose (bamboo viscose)/30% cotton

Dimension: 70x70cm

Weight (pcs): 90g

Surface weight: 183 g/m2

Washing at 40°C

Wash the nappies before first use.

When washing, do not use a fabric softener, it reduces the absorbency of the product.

We recommend using standard detergents. Soap and soap slime can greatly reduce the absorbency of the product and cause its damage as well as the damage to your washing machine.

To prevent from change in shape and size, we recommend that you slightly pull the product to its original shape and dimensions after each washing.

The nappies XKKO BMB 70x70 hold the certificates required by the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic No. 84/2001 Coll., specifying product requirements for children under 3 years of age.

The nappies XKKO BMB 70x70, moreover, underwent extraordinary tests and were awarded a quality brand called Czech Quality/Guaranteed Quality.

The nappies XKKO BMB 70x70 were awarded the prize called Nappy of the Year 2010 based on a consumer survey in the square nappy category.

QuantityDimensions of the packagingWeightVolume
Consumer packaging3pcs15x10x10cm270 gr.0,0015m³
Wholesale packaging10x3pcs30x50x10cm2700 gr.0,015m³
Cardboard7x10x3pcs30x50x70cm1950 gr.0,105m³
Languages on packagingsCZ,SK,PL,ENDE,FR,ES,IT,RU


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