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  • XKKO Orthopedic pants White

XKKO Orthopedic pants White

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Barcode: ORTCOVWCatalog number:: ORTCOVW
Brand: XKKO

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XKKO Orthopedic pants White - Size 1
XKKO Orthopedic pants White - Size 2
XKKO Orthopedic pants White - Size 3


"...prevention of children's hip problems."


You will need cotton square nappies as an insert for wide nappies used in orthopaedic nappy covers. You can choose from Classic, LUX or organic cotton XKKO Organic Old Times range nappies.


XKKO Orthopaedic panties are composed of an inner layer of cotton terry with PUL layer and an outer layer of cotton twill.

Velcro fastening.



Available sizes 1, 2 and 3.

Size 1: From birth to about 4 weeks depending on baby size and number of diapers added

Size 2: From 4 weeks to 8 weeks depending on baby size and number of diapers added

Size 3: From 8 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the size of the baby and the number of diapers added



Recommendations are only indicative. Due to different bodily proportions of each baby, it recommended to try the panties on before the actual purchase.


1ps in a packaging


Composition:  outer side  -  100%  cotton

                     inner side -   80% cotton/20% polyester with PUL





Size 1: 33x16 cm, belt 37 cm

Size 2: 38x16 cm, belt 43 cm

Size 3: 44x16 cm, belt 50 cm

Washing instructions:


Washing at 30 celsius degrees.


When washing, we recommend not using bleaching agents.


Do not iron.


Dry at lower temperatures.

Orthopedic Pants  XKKO have certificates required by the Decree of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic No. 84/2001 Coll., specifying product requirements for children under 3 years of age.



Tested by TZÚ s.p. Brno Czech republic, state owned textile testing company.





Dimensions of the packaging

Weight Volume
Consumer packaging 1ps 20x18x1cm 45 gr. 0,00036m³
Wholesale packaging 5x1ps 20x18x5cm 225 gr. 0,0018m³
Carton 20x5x1ps 20x18x100cm 4500 gr. 0,036m³


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